Name: Kayla R.

Hobbies: Hobbies: making Funko pop customs, pottery, painting, doing many forms of art, customizing, production, glee, writing, writing scripts, making movies, and watching movies

Likes: Funko pop figures, Ralph Macchio, The Outsiders, Kate McKinnon, The Big Bang Theory, Jillian Holtzmann, Stitch stuff, Disney movies, mangoes, frozen lemonades from Tim Hortons, and orange pen ink


Kayla R. as a Funko Pop

PicsArt 10-21-07.30.20

Kayla R. (Bottom Left) with the rest of the Funkotastics Group.

Dislikes: condiments on my hot dog, butter in my sandwich, scammers, internet scammers, people who constantly say "Stay Golden" instead of "Stay Gold " and haters

First Appearance : Funkotastic Topics : S2, Ep. 13 Last Appearance : Funkotastic Topics: S3, Ep. 1

Favorite types of Funko Pops: Custom Pops, Disney, etc..

Role in the Funkotastics: DIY Funko Pop Displayer.

Funkotastic Power : has a Magic Paintbrush (similar to Mickey's) that brings ideas to life. 

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